Simona Snider was born in Bergamo on 5th April 1976, and got her diploma at the Giacomo and Pio Manzù Art School in Bergamo.

Her approach to painting has its origins in her adolescence, through her acquired uncle Lorenzo Zambelli, a painter from Bergamo, defined “maestro dei cieli” [master of the skies], who in time taught her the art of light in the skies and in the figurative landscape.

This was an important step towards the emotional poetic inspiration in her works of figurative nature, where little by little the spots of light and shadows created a vision of shapes, with undefined features and with a symbolic idea of ​​the shapes that gradually came together.

Later Simona Snider frequented the workshop of the master Giovanni Franchi in Franciacorta, where she refined the various drawing and painting techniques more marked by realism.

These two experiences drove the artist to go further and add an ever greater knowledge of chromatic harmony by deepening her understanding of the key theories of great theorists such as Newton, Chevreul, Itten which led her to further study some painters more attentive to the use of colour including one in particular: E. Hopper. An artist who has succeeded, with a few juxtaposed colours and with punctual chromatic schemes, to give the correct refraction of light on matter. From these studies were born her works that represent ribbons: “Cromie in Movimento”

Here are the artist’s words:

“My teacher is nature, through which I can observe how chromatic harmony is respected in a timely manner.

It allows me to analyse colours in depth, the assonances, the imperceptible complementarities that vibrate and that it offers us in a wonderful way.

Here these images are stored with their energy, their colours, their sensations and emotions that come to life within us. A synthesis of these images is born within me. Thanks to a combination of study from life and the theory of colours, I captured only the most essential and heartfelt part from them, excluding the superfluous, thus remaining faithful to nature as regards to colour and essence.

This is how the ribbons that flow through space are born, the moving ribbons on which an emotion, a landscape, a memory, a friend and everything that strikes us in the soul is imprinted, because the painting is as if there were a frame made of infinite frames that together make up the film of our life. As such moving ribbons are thus memory and release the energy that all these emotions have generated, freeing themselves from pre-established shapes and landing on moving colour shadings.

from the Aegean series, Serifos 2017


My art aims to focus on the transition from the physical to the mental and spiritual universe and on processing the perception of the physical universe through one’s own emotional synthesis.

The transition between the two takes place through a first phase of observation that inevitably leads to an extraversion of attention and to a second phase tied to the knowledge of the theory of colours in relation to nature.

The result is an inner rebalancing “therapy” that allows you to get out of everyday life and use the information learned to improve yourself, your environment, your home or simply to observe a landscape and analyse the colours that change, thus being in symbiosis with it.

This passage leads a person to garner these experiences, by including all the perceptions of that moment within, whether pleasant or not. These experiences affect us in the course of our life being themselves loaded with energy and perceptions that can recur in moments not decided by us.

So summarising, greater observation and knowledge of colour theory and chromatic harmony lead to a better emotional state and therefore to a better quality of life considering what has been said above.

As if it were a spiral that instead of going towards anxiety, suffering and pain it begins to rise towards goodness and serenity